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How to Buy a Reliable Used Car with Cash

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Looking to buy a car, but short on cash? Learn our tips and tricks to snage a great deal on a reliable car and avoid a lemon!

You may have noticed that things have been just a bit quiet here recently.

Life has been keeping us busy as we've have been in car hunt mode.

While the timing of the car's demise wasn't great, the good news is that we have enough in our savings system to cover purchasing a new car.

The bad news is that this has meant that until we buy the car, we have been sharing and that has given me less time to write.

Buying a Car with Cash

Our goal is to pay for this car with cash.  


Having no car payments since we paid off our previous car loan has been a huge blessing. 

Here are some of the big wins we've had: 

We still have the goal of paying off the student loan early, so keeping away from new debts is a priority.

Hunting for a Reliable Car

Since we're hunting for a car to last for a long time, we've created a list of what we're looking for our next vehicle.

When you were shopping for your car, what were deal breakers for you? What were options that you wanted to have?

Thoughts on Buying Reliable Used Cars

I'd love to hear from you about getting a car. Are you planning on buying a car this year? How many of you are buying from a private seller?

If you need to boost up your down payment (or just want to pay cash) for your next car, sign up for my free course 5 Days to $5K.

It'll show you how to find, save, and make money!

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