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The timing couldn't have been better for us – we just received Consumer Reports' April issue and it is all about cars. It was full of reviews of the cars' safety, repair records, and gas mileage.

While it was fun to look at the new cars that are out, we were more interested in checking out their ranking for reliable used cars.

There were plenty of surprises – Subaru was the top automaker this year!

To get full access to their articles and lists, you need a subscription, but there is plenty of information available to the public online.

Best and Worst Cars by Brand

Toyota and Honda still maintain their reputation as dependable automakers, but even they have some models that consumers should think twice about.

I'll highlight a few popular automakers along with their best and worst models.

FordFlex Limited (EcoBoost)Fiesta SE (sedan)
HondaAccord EX-L (V6)Insight EX
HyundaiGenesis 3.8Accent GLS (sedan)
NissanAltima 3.5 SR (V6)Versa SV (sedan)
SubaruImpreza WRX STiTribeca Limited
ToyotaCamry Hybrid XLEFJ Cruiser

I'm happy that non of the models we're looking for the family sedan on the worst list.

Best Reliable Used Cars

To make it even more helpful, Consumer Reports offers the list of reliable used cars along with expected prices you can find them for.

If you're in the market for a dependable car that is around $12,000, you can find the year(s), make, and models that offer what you want.

All of this data is in the magazine and online for subscribers (however Toyota and Honda topped the list).

We also noticed that the Hyundai Sonata is looking like a better and better deal.

The reliability is above average and the price range means we can get a more recent model compared to Toyota or Honda.

It looks like we'll narrow the car list further based on this issue's reviews. Hopefully we find a good buy in this area.

Thoughts on Consumer Reports

If you're thinking of making a big purchase, like a car, I recommend getting a Consumer Reports subscription.

While they offer a print subscription, but I think many people would appreciate their online subscription, which is constantly updated with new stats and very easy to use.

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  1. Consumer Reports is awesome! We’ve referred to it so many times when looking to buy a big ticket item. It’s like the best friend that’s willing to give you the straight up, honest truth on things!

    • We have some purchases we plan on making this year, so getting a subscription seemed like a great move. Hopefully we’ll save money on these purchases :)

  2. While Consumer Reports is great for giving you current info, I recently found a list that gives the top 10 worst cars of ALL TIME…might find it funny