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It's Monday, so it's time for me to check in with my own progress with the Fuel King/Queen Challenge. I started this Challenge as a way to save some money to pay off the student loan faster. Now, in just a few days of taking the challenge I'm embracing the friendly competitiveness of it.

Please remember to leave your progress in the comments below – it's encouraging and a way for us to see how each other is doing.

If you have any tips that you've used (not just what you've read), please share them as well. I'll be compiling them into a resource for other people to use. It'll be nice to have challenge inspire others with their driving.

Fuelly – Easy and Free Gas Mile Tracking

I'm using Fuelly to keep track of the miles I've driven and the money I've spent – it's easy and it's free (awsome combo!).  Fuelly also has an app so you can immediately update your car's records right there at the gas pump. If you want to follow my progress in real-time, look for ElleCMB on the site.

As of my last fuel-up I've been averaging 28.9 miles per gallon. Not bad, but not great. I've been driving more around city with the last tank and I've been in lots of stop and go traffic. Becoming more aware of upcoming trafiic has helped immensely.

I also see some parallels with keeping track of money – the more aware I am with my driving habits, the better I am with the car's mileage. Hopefully this month will help me acquire some better driving habits and keep my fuel-ups less frequent.

Angry Millionaire = Happy Driver

Congrats go to Martilyo from Angry Millionaire this week! He's managed to get a little over 32 mpg on his Honda Civic. That's wonderful and motivating. It looks like I have to step it up and get my mileage higher.

Thoughts on the Fuel Challenge

Off to a good start, but I'll be working hard to making this tank last. I'd love to hear from you. How's your progress so far with the Fuel Challenge? Have you noticed an improvement?

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  1. When I was driving 200 miles a day (mostly highway) my Honda Civic was getting 38-40 mpg regularly. Now that I drive 15 city(ish) miles a day my mileage has dropped down to about 30 mpg. Stop and go and stop and go…

    • Yeah, that can eat up gas with all that stop and go. I’m trying to be more aware of my driving around town to minimize it. Great job with getting 38-40mpg with the highway driving!

  2. Haven’t you guys heard of diesel? Even round town I get 50mpg in my 12 year old renault, and it’s bigger than a civic too.