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This is the last week of the May Fuel Challenge! Instead of going on a road trip this weekend, we're having a staycation and having family and friends visit us.

It'll save on gas of course, but it also gives us a chance to unwind. I'm hoping to take our baby girl to the pool in a bit and get some photos of her.

 My Own Progress with the Fuel Challenge

I filled up at Costco this week and got the stats for my last tank from Fuelly.

  • Miles Driven: 273.7
  • Gallons: 10.94
  • MPG: 25.0
  • Price: $3.459/gallon
In addition, here are my mpg numbers from Fuelly for the month of May:
miles per gallon in may
Nothing spectacular – I got to get my numbers up this summer.

Don't Forget to Submit Your Best Fuel-Up!

If you want to win, remember to sign-up for the challenge and to send me a message about your own progress so I can add you to the contest list. You can some money. We’re giving away money (via Paypal) or Amazon gift cards to 3 winners, divided up by type of car driven. The Fuel Challenge prizes are:

  • $75 thru Paypal or Amazon Gift card for sedan/coupe drivers  (I’m so grateful that Improve Yourself Daily is helping out and adding $25 to the prize pot!)
  • $50 thru Paypal or Amazon Gift card for SUV/truck drivers
  • $25 thru Paypal or Amazon Gift card for hybrid car drivers (Thanks to Crystal at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff for sponsoring this prize!)

If you’re curious to see how you stack up, here are the results for the sedan/coupe group and the truck/SUV  group.

  • Sedan/Coupe: 32.4
  • Truck/SUV: 14

Do you think you can beat these numbers? Please follow me on Twitter (for sedans & coupesand for truck, SUVs, and hybrids) and let me know how you’re doing.

Thoughts on the Fuel Challenge

How are you doing this month with the fuel challenge? Are you still taking it while you're on vacation this weekend? What tips have helped you the most with getting better gas mileage?

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  1. Whoa! Nice job; one month and 250 miles?

    If I were in the challenge my biggest decrease would have been from the price of gas dropping.