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Wednesday I shared some changes we made to our driving habits to save on gas money.

I asked for tips and you guys delivered!

Thank you for sharing; I think we can all benefit from one another, especially in this economy. I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips.

Mental Hack to Improve Gas Mileage

Money Beagle had a great tip for those with newer cars:

If your car has a readout display for gas mileage, make sure it's on all the time.

Reset it from time to time so that it gives you a readout of how you're doing on the fly.

I guarantee that when you see it drop like a stone every time you floor it, you'll start changing your habits for the better.

I think this is very useful as it helps keep the driver aware of how their habits are directly affecting the gas mileage they're getting from their car.

Immediate feedback can be powerful and assist people in making changes.

Bike More

Max from Maximizing Money had a completely different tip that I think those looking at renting an apartment or buying a home should consider.

I'm lucky to live close enough to grocery stores, the post office, and other places where I can actually walk to do many basic errands.

Now that it's getting warmer out again, I'll also use my bike to go to the library almost every other day as well as other places that are within a decent distance, so that helps as well.

I really don't have to fill my tank too much, so it's one area where I definitely save money.

I don't think it's luck – I think it's good planning.

Considering a location that allows you to use your car less can be a great move for your wallet and for your health.

Small Tweaks with Parking

GB from In Budgets We Trust offered a parking tip I hadn't thought of:

I've been trying to focus more on not speeding as often and leaving work earlier to cut off the time I spend sitting in stop and go traffic.

I'm also thinking of parking in my garages lower parking levels which is an inconvenience for me, but I'll save money by not driving up several extra floors.

A little extra walking is much cheaper than paying for that gas driving around the parking lot!

Thanks for Your Gas Saving Tips

Thanks again for your feedback. I enjoy reading the comments that you leave on the posts here.

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  1. I used Money Beagle’s tip from your earlier post, and my gas mileage went from 26.5 MPGs on my last fill-up and I’m rocking just under 31 MPGs so far with this fill-up! Watching gas mileage can be just like watching your budget: tracking your stats makes you much more aware of the little things you can do to make a difference. Have a good Friday, Elle!

  2. Those are some great tips. A small change in driving habits can make a big difference. My husband and I try to keep costs low by sharing one vehicle, and driving too and from work together. It helps that our commute is 15min. We fill up the gas tank about twice a month. No complaints here!