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One Car Family This Week

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Planned Car Repair Bill – Sharing a Car

It's time to repair the Volkswagen.  My car has been having some problems, and after getting an estimate from our local mechanic, we decided to have the car repaired Monday. I was pretty proud that we planned ahead and had our schedule worked out for Monday and have the money set aside. I was nervous about dipping into our savings so quickly after getting a new place, but I thought it would be a quick 1 day repair. It's Thursday and we're hoping (really hoping!) that it'll be ready tomorrow.

Dipping Into Our Emergency Fund for an Unexpected Car Repair

On top of that, while our friends were in town last weekend, my car started acting funny and the check engine light came on. When went to AutoZone to see what the problem was and I'm hoping it's just replacing the hose. While we planned on getting the sensor fixed, this was something new and meant we'd have to dip into our emergency fund.



Down to one car this week while mine is in the shop

How We're Adjusting To Using One Car

In the meantime, my husband and I are a one car family. Part of the problem was we thought going down to one car would only be for a day, so sharing the car for this week required some changes.

I realized how convenient a car is in our town ( no bus routes near us) and how much we can improve on our car usage. I'm going to try and keep batching errands; it better for gas and our wallet.

Fixing an Volkswagen ABS Module

I'm not a mechanic, but I do want to have an idea of how the process works to get my car fixed. Being a fan of Google, I went ahead and discovered that it's more complicated than I thought. Besides the part itself being pricey, I read that replacing the module is a bt time consuming.

On the Jetta, the hydraulic unit must be removed in order to access the ABS controller located on the bottom.

Source: Module Master

I feel better and worse after reading that information. On one hand, I can see how it can take longer than a day, but I'm worried it'll cost some more money than we have budgeted. The good news is that he gave us an estimate and said they would call us if it was to be more. We've been with the shop for years and they have been dead on with their price estimates, so I'm hoping that'll be true in this case.

Your Thoughts on Sharing a Car

Are you a one car family? What tips do you have to organize it? Could you make one car living work for your family?

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