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Best Reliable Used Cars for Families

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Well, at least some good came out of the refinance that didn't happen.

The money we were going to use for closing can now be allocated towards the car replacement fund.

That means we're starting to hunt for our next family car. I was expecting to shop for a vehicle sometime this summer, but we may get our next car this spring.

Our goal for this next car is making sure it gets gas mileage at least as good as my husband's car (30 mpg) and has a bit more space than our Jetta has now.

Best Reliable Used Cars for Families

Before we spend our very hard earned savings, we want to make sure the car is a smart buy.

Not only are we looking at the upfront cots, we are calculating possible total cost ownership.

For that, we turned to a dependable source – Consumer Reports.

We checked their online site and found a list of the most reliable used sedans. Here's what was on it: 

There are a few here on the list that I never thought of, such as the Ford Fusion. We'll be digging around Consumer Reports and seeing what years have gotten the best ratings.

Looking at Our Family Budget

It's quite a list, but it's time to whittle it down a bit – we're going to factor in our budget.

We'd like to keep our next car $10,000 or less. That will allow us to have some money left over for expected car maintenance.

Our next step is to see how much these models are being sold for in our area. I'll be examining dealer sites, Kelly Blue Book, Craigslist, and asking friends to get a clearer idea of what to expect.

Certain brands like Honda and Toyota tend to hold their value more, so we may have to look at slightly older models if we want to stay within budget.

I'll also look at the gas mileage of all of these cars and share what I find next week. Hopefully, we have 5 models to consider.

Thoughts on Best Reliable Used Cars for Families

I'd really like to get your opinions and thoughts about possible contenders. Do you own any of the above models?

How has it been doing for you? How long have you owned it?

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