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For those who have been curious about our car drama, I'm happy to report we got an update to share.

If you remember from my original post, my husband took his car in to get the air conditioning fixed.

With the it became even more important to get this done. However, we were blown away by the shop's call.

1st Mechanic – Replace or Repair

After we dropped off the car to his regular shop, my husband was expecting a phone call telling him that the repairs had been completed and he could pick up his vehicle.

Instead, he received a list of what was wrong with the car.

Here’s a rundown of the original mechanic’s diagnostic:

Total estimated cost for parts is about $2,000 and then there’s labor. So we’re looking at $3,500 to repair a car that cost less than that. 

Needless to say, we were stressed and worried about having to replace the car while we expecting to have a baby any day.

Second Opinion From Another Mechanic

When the baby arrived, the car drama took a back seat. After things settled down somewhat we took the Toyota down to the shop a friend recommended to get a second opinion.

My husband got the update from the mechanic about the diagnostic's results.

According to the shop, we DON'T need to replace the head gasket. There are some repairs that have to be made, though, and the estimate to get our car running fine is….around $300.

I thought I misread the message my husband sent. $300?! That's less than 10% of the original estimate.

I did find out that the estimate was preliminary. They were going to recharge his car's air conditioner system, but it may not work. However, they wanted to start with the easiest (and least expensive) solution.

My husband was ok with the repairs, so we'll wait and see what happens next. I'm so hoping that we get this finished soon and back to two cars.

Thoughts on Car Mechanics

Depending if this second mechanic can come through, we'll switch mechanics.

I know Sam has found a great mechanic; how about you? Did getting a second opinion on car repairs off for you? Did you switch mechanics?


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