Baby Expenses

Birth and Labor Class – Finding the Right One

In our quest to be prepared as parents (we know you’re never fully prepared) we signed up for a birth and labor class with the hospital we plan on having the baby in. There was no shortage on opinions and feedback with family and friends on what class we should take, how we should give […]

Getting Diapers at a Discount – Possible?

Babies are not cheap. As our baby’s due date approaches, we’re becoming more and more aware of the financial costs of our new family member. As we’re preparing, I’ve been asking family and friends for their advice and their opinions on what we need to get ready. The one item that kept getting mentioned to […]

How Much to Save for Our Kids College?

Last week I looked into when to start saving for college for your child(ren). I shared some financial milestones I thought parents need to be on top of before they sock away college money. Looking at the comments on the post, there were many differing and strong opinions. Some saying that it’s never early to save […]

When Do You Start Saving for Your Child’s College Fund?

From time to time, I get feedback from Couple Money readers. It’s something that I enjoy and try to respond to. Preparing for the Baby’s College Fund After my recent post on preparing the baby’s nursery, Becky emailed me a wonderful question on another baby expense parents think about: I was wondering if you were going to […]

Decorating the Baby Nursery – Biggest Bang for your Buck

Decorating Your Nursery Our next project to tackle for the baby’s arrival is getting the nursery ready. This morning it’s a bit like a construction zone as my husband is stalling a ceiling fan and light plus we have all these boxes fill with stuff that we’re donating or mailing to a relative. Preparing a […]

How Far Apart Should You Space Your Children?

When a couple decides to have a family, they usually agree on how many kids they want.  They may even decide how far apart they want to space their children.  However, many people fail to consider the financial implications of spacing children. My husband and I have three children.  Our first is 6 years old.  […]

7 Baby Essentials for Grandparents

Baby items were long gone from our home when we became grandparents and had our infant granddaughter over a few years ago. Her parents brought a baby bag with diapers, wipes and extra clothing but we quickly learned that the visits would be more enjoyable for all with the addition of some baby items at […]