Baby Expenses

What Dads Expect When They’re Expecting

Last October, my wife Ashley shoved a positive pregnancy test in my face and proceeded to jump in the shower. She left me standing there holding our then 11-month old son wondering how this could have happened…again…already! The truth is we were planning to try for kid No. 2 in about a year. I’ll spare […]

5 Expenses You Will Forget in Your Baby Budget

Congrats! You and your spouse recently learned the pregnancy and can’t wait to see this little angel arrive. Besides being caring and loving parents, you have certain financial concerns and want to make a “baby” budget to get everything handle. Here are 5 expenses you probably did not think about. #1 Health Insurance As a […]

Baby Expenses Series on Couple Money

You may have noticed something a bit different over the last month – I’ve had many guest posts here on Couple Money. While I’ve continued to post as much as I could, I had to slow down.  I was under the weather, but I had a very good reason. My husband and I are expecting […]