Our Family Spending Plan: September 2015

Last month I ran our budget through EveryDollar to see if I could improve our spending and save some more. I’ll get into it more in my review post, but we did save some money which is always a plus. The not so good news is that an unscheduled expense came up and we ended up […]

Using EveryDollar with the Family Budget

Taking up this 50/50 Challenge has given me some food for thought. We’re looking to optimize our monthly expenses this month, so I thought it would be helpful to pull up our family budget and look at it line by line. Optimizing Our Family Budget We’ve had the same basic budget since we’ve been married […]

How to Save Money on Kids’ Clothes

This weekend the four of us went shopping for some new kids’ clothes. It’s amazing how fast they go through clothes! Picking up clothes for the girls was fun, so many choices and sales. With those adorable outfits, I had to remind myself to stick with the budget. Sometimes it can be tempting to buy all those adorable […]

Cheap Smartphone Plans Guide for Couples

I remember my first cellphone – it was a Nokia; small enough to fit in your hand and had that very data green screen. I think it was a free phone deal with SunCom (remember them?) that was a part of an unlimited plan for $50/month. That feels like a lifetime ago. The phones have […]

Money Leaks: Keeping Purchases in Check

I was reviewing our expenses over the last few months and I noticed something. There were several purchases where I couldn’t remember everything that we bought. We’re not victims of identity theft (oh, that would be a more pleasant explanation). It’s something worse – we’ve been spending and shopping without a plan. Since I handle […]

Why You Need an Emergency Fund (And How It Saved Us)

We were reminded this month the importance of having an emergency fund (financial cushion if your prefer). Thankfully no true emergency happened, but we were slammed with several bills and expenses. Timing is Everything (Especially with Money) Sometimes it’s not the bills that throw you off, it’s the timing of them. Let me show you. […]

Personal Finance Shout-Outs – New Baby Edition

I can’t wait – our second daughter arrived!  We’re extremely grateful that family and friends have been helping us make this transition smoother. As you probably guessed, the schedule will be lighter than usual for the next few weeks. We just want to soak it all in right now : ) If you want to […]

Manage All Your Bills with Finovera

For years, Mint has been my favorite – allowing me to get a snapshot of our finances and giving me a way to watch our spending in an easy and free way. Now, though, there’s another option out there – Finovera. The company is hoping to make money management a step further – giving users […]