Decluttering Our Home

We’ve been talking over the summer about selling the house, but since there were still some new homes being built it didn’t seem like the right time. It’s kind of hard to persuade potential buyers to go for your house when they can get a brand new place for around the same price. Well, things […]

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Company

Not sure if it’s an ego thing (I’m sure why wife would say “yes”), but I like to have the best of the best. I don’t want a good steak, I want the “best” steak when I go out to eat. When I go the movies, I don’t want to see a good movie. Screw […]

Life Changes and Discretionary income

After 20 years of marriage I can look back and see a pattern to how my husband and I used excess cash. While it has been a long time since we lived paycheck to paycheck, any money not going toward living expenses is still almost always saved or spent for our children. I didn’t say […]

Having a Scare with My Student Loans

As we were getting ready to go on a trip this weekend, I decided to go ahead and get some posts outlined. One of them was for March’s net worth review (wanted to give an update on the student loan). I logged in to see what the current balance was. My balance showed $0. I checked the payment history and […]

Sometimes It’s Not About Money

Life is more than money. I know this may seem weird coming from a personal finance blog that has the word money as half of its name, but sometimes the decisions we make on what to spend or not spend just isn’t about money. We manage our money for other reasons – it’s more than […]

Watch Your Money This Year

Let’s be honest if you’re trying to pay down debt faster, you need to have more money for your debt payments. There are 2 ways to do that – either increasing your income or adjusting your current expenses. Taking on a second job or starting a side business can do wonders for getting money, but […]

Revamping Our Monthly Budget for 2013

The end of the year is fast approaching and that means it’s time to look at our finances. Since Couple Money was started 3 years ago, there have been a lot of changes with our financial system. We’ve changed jobs, moved to another state, bought a house, and became parents. While we’ve done a pretty good job […]

Cheap Smartphone Plans with Republic Wireless

One of our goals for this year and next is to find money in our budget to pay down our student loan. This year has been great so far with our 2012 financial goals. They included: Get our finances prepare should something happen to us. Purchase a family car. Pay down the student loan. We’ve […]