Prevent Holiday Disaster with a Little Communication

Nathan W. Morris is a financial freedom expert and author of “Your 33 Day Money Action Plan“, you can find more of Nathan at The holidays are an emotionally charged time for many, and of course – emotions and money can sometimes create a big mess. If there’s ever a time of year that we’ve […]

Throw a Budget Party!

My wife and I have created a zero based budget every month since we’ve been married, including a budget for the wedding. So far we’ve completed 60+ budgets and have perfected our method for budgeting that I believe can help other couples reach their financial goals. Meetings Are Boring Our first year of budgeting included […]

Making Sure Your Family Financial Goals Fit You

While there is a ton of advice out there about how to pay down debt, save more, buy a house, and start a family, not all of it is good. I’m a big believer that personal finance is well, personal. Sure there are some guiding principles that are behind the successes, but a big key […]

Using Cash for Lunch is Paying Off

Besides trying to cut gasoline expenses this month, I’ve also decided to switch over to cash only with eating out for lunch and so forth. I usually just pull out my check card when I grab a bite. However I was curious to see if I would spend less if I used cash. At the end of each week any […]

Looking at Last Month’s Numbers

As I’m going through our finances for this week’s net worth update, I wanted to share a few highlights I discovered with Mint. the numbers will be shifting quite a bit with the net worth reviews – we bought a car, we paid our taxes, and we went over budget with fast food. It was […]

Our Bills are Creeping Up

This last week had been a week of unpleasant surprises in the bill department. For the most part, we pay our bills online and many of them are scheduled through our bill pay. Our bills have remained fairly steady, but I noticed I’ve had to adjust a few of them this month. I decided to double check our bills […]

Letter to Myself (College Student Living)

While getting the last bit of paperwork in for the refinance, I came across some old records, including a pay-stub from a job I had years ago while in college. I was in no way rich, but I think made enough that if I had a better financial system, I could’ve done much better. I thought it would […]