Our 2012 Family Budget

2012 Monthly Family Budget This week has been all about getting the family budget together. Earlier this week the two of us pulled out the spreadsheets I fixed up and went over our plans for the family budget next year. Here is what we came up for our family’s monthly budget for 2012: Mortgage: $850 Extra Mortgage Payment: […]

Our Family Budgeting Tools

As we continue this week’s theme of budgeting, I want to share some of the tools we use for creating and maintaining our family budget. Last month, during the 50/50 Challenge I was asked a questions about budget software from Darris: …I’d love an update on budget software. I use Mint and love it because […]

Reviewing Our 2011 Budget as a Couple

My husband and I are preparing some goals and a budget for 2012, so the first step was to review where we’re at currently. This weekend we went through our actual spending for 2011. I used Quicken to upload our joint accounts’ information and after sorting through and categorizing the data we had our numbers. […]

Review Your Bills and Bank Statements

This is a money saving tip for the 50/50 Challenge. Today’s tip should take more than 20 minutes to do. If you can just get out your bills and bank statements for the last month and review them, you may be able to save yourself a bit of money or plug a money leak. I want to […]

Free Government Grants, Diet Pills and Credit, Oh My!

Looking for free government grants endorsed by President Obama and Vice President Biden? Dietary supplements supported by scientific research and endorsed by Oprah? How about exclusive credit offers? …Keep looking. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has halted an operation called, the “Grant Connect” program, that allegedly deceived and mislead consumers about bogus products and services […]

Are You Staying with Netflix?

Change to Netflix Subscription Plans Netflix has been in the news lately because they are increasing their subscriptions. This week we received an email from Netflix about how the plan will affect us. Here’s how the email from them described the changes: We are separating unlimited DVDs by mail and unlimited streaming into two separate […]

Review Recurring Expenses Regularly

As we heading into the last trimester in a couple of weeks, we’re now looking at our finances a little bit closer. We’ve both noticed while we’re doing well on saving, we’re spending a bit more day to day with our checking account. Last week I looked at 2 reoccurring expenses to see if we still wanted […]

Control Your Finances: Track Spending

Years ago I used to wonder what happened to the money every month. We had a good income and no extravagant expenditures. But when we added up all the expenses we met that old saying.  Yes, there was more month than money all the time. Tracking My Spending That’s when I figured a change needed […]