Make January a No-Spend Month

Last month I had a chance to read Trent Hamm’s book, A Simple Dollar.  There is a lot of good information in there, but my number one take away was the idea of a no-spend month. I googled the term and found that it’s not a new concept to the rest of the world; just […]

Cleaning Out Clutter from Our House

We Have Too Much Junk in the House! Since we’ve had family over and we’ve been under the weather the last couple of weeks, my husband and I have spent a lot of time at home cleaning. I decided to make the most out of this time and I’ve been doing some winter cleaning. Inspired by Matt […]

Cheaper Cable TV Alternatives

Our Cable Price Increases As we received our cable bill the other week, we saw an extra sheet was included. Time Warner was informing us that due to infrastructure costs, there were going to higher prices with our future bills.  The good news is that I noticed that the increases were pretty small and they stated […]

Budgets, Cash Flow, and Monthly Payments

Are you tempted when you see the new car ads with such low monthly payments? How do you personally decide if something is affordable? What role does your monthly cash flow play with your budget? I want to share how looking total purchase price vs monthly payments can dramatically improve your finances. When I changed my […]

Interview with Adam Baker on Unautomating Your Finances

I’m a big fan of Man Vs Debt and was happy to see his new guide Unautomate Your Finances released yesterday. As you can see from my review of it yesterday, I really think it’s a solid guide for handling your finances. If you haven’t already checked out his site, I think you’ll be amazed at […]

Double Check Your Monthly Bills

We’re adjusting to the new place and I was checking out the bills that came in the mail.  I reviewed the cable tv and internet bill and I noticed that Time Warner Cable was charging a lot more than normal. I decided to double-check and give them a call. Hit with the Cable Bill We […]

Cash Flow: Managing and Improving Ours

We’re working on reviewing our budget and cash flow tonight for our family’s financial meeting. With our new house expenses, we’re adjusting everything to make our finances run smoothly. Having a positive cash flow means our net worth will grow over time while having a negative cash flow will eventually drain us. Why Manage Your […]