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Big Car Repairs Needed for the Toyota

It’s time to repair the Toyota Celica. Before I get into the numbers, let me catch you up on how we ended up with a large car repair estimate. Air Conditioning Out and It’s a Heatwave In case you’ve been missing it, it has been extremely hot where we live, with temperatures reaching 100 and the heat index […]

Car Replacement Project – Mid Year Update

Since I’ve already shared our progress with increasing our savings, I wanted to quickly highlight what progress we’ve made so far this year with another financial goal of ours. Earlier this year I mentioned that we wanted to work on building up our savings for our next car. We would really like to avoid taking on […]

5 Lifestyle Changes to Save Gas Money

Last week the gas stations nearest our home crested the $4 a gallon price for regular unleaded gasoline. It was the tipping point for me. I decided it was time to cut back on gas consumption and started thinking about changes we could make to cut back on gas use. One plane of attach is […]

How to Buy a Reliable Car with Cash

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about looking at total purchase price instead of just looking at monthly payments. I was showing how not paying attention to your car payments can lead you to spend much more than you planned to.Here’s how it affected us with our old car loan: I bought a car […]

We Bought a (Used) Car!

We Bought a Used Car Just an update, we picked up a car Tuesday. After hunting for a car for a bit, we found a great deal on a well cared for used car. Buying a used car was the best way for us to go. The new (to us) car is pretty much what my […]

On the Hunt for Another Car

Good news- we’re looking for a new (to us) car. Bad news – our old car was declared a total loss. We got into a car accident the beginning of this month. Now a couple of weeks later we’re a one car family. We finally got our check from the insurance company, so we are looking for […]

Spending Money on the VW Jetta This Week

This weekend was a bit hectic as the VW Jetta broke down while I was out with a friend. When I tried to start the car it shook and we called to have it towed to the mechanic. My little Jetta has been doing pretty well, so I was surpised to see it have this problem. […]

One Car Family This Week

Planned Car Repair Bill – Sharing a Car It’s time to repair the Volkswagen.  My car has been having some problems, and after getting an estimate from our local mechanic, we decided to have the car repaired Monday. I was pretty proud that we planned ahead and had our schedule worked out for Monday and have the money […]