Credit Cards

How to Raise Your Credit Scores

Are you two house hunting (or plan to be soon) and want to get the best rates? Here are five effective ways to raise your credit scores!  While your credit score is not the most important (or really accurate) indicator of your financial health, it has a huge impact. Lenders look at your credit score […]

How to Travel Like a Rock Star on the Cheap

What do you do when you love to travel but your budget struggles to keep pace with your desire to roam? You could stay home and ignore the travel itch. Or, you could use a credit card to make your trips more wallet-friendly. Here’s how. Travel Well on the Cheap Know thy credit card The […]

Budget Mistakes: Using Credit Card as an Emergency Fund

Credit cards can be helpful and convenient in certain circumstances, but they can also be a big financial trap. Let’s say your car breaks down on the highway and you need a tow. If you have that cash in savings, you’d immediately pay your card and you’ll have no interest to pay. The problem is […]

What to Do If You Lose Your Credit Card

With summer vacation coming up, it’s good to prepare yourself for possible emergencies. Learn what you need to do if you lose your credit card on your trip. Lost Credit Card On a recent trip I was picking up the restaurant tab and realized there was an empty spot in my wallet where my preferred […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score

If you don’t normally give much thought to your credit score, but find you’re being rejected by lenders maybe now is the time to take action. Your credit score is essentially your credit reputation, or your history as a borrower. Since your credit score reflects your financial history, it gives lenders a basic idea of […]

How to Get the Most from Reward Credit Cards

Last month I signed up for a credit card to get some cash back. To be honest, I’ve been debating this for a bit. On one hand, I’ve noticed an uptick on credit cards offering bonuses for signing-up, up to $500. Extra money is nice, but you don;t get something for nothing. I worry about […]

How to Find the Right Credit Card

This is a money making tip for the 50/50 Challenge. It’s Time to Look for an Alternative Credit Card This week I had a problem with my credit card and I decided that it’s time to switch to a new one. I’ll have to wait until after we work this refinancing the house plan, but after […]