Pay Off Debt Together

Want to Finally Knock Out That Debt? Here’s What You Need to Do

Want to finally knock out that credit card debt? Here’s what you need to do this week to get started! When you’re tackling big goals for the first time or are trying to really achieve a win this year, it usually means that something has got to change. The whole ‘New Year, New You’ thing is […]

How to Get Out of Debt This Year as a Couple

One of the top three financial goals people have is getting out of debt, but few actually knock it out. Today we’re diving into key money systems couples have used to become debt-free! Best Strategies for Couples to Dump Debt Faster How are you doing?! I hope you’re having a wonderful week. We’re back. New […]

Financial Freedom: Dumping $200k of Debt in Two Years!

Tired of your debt restricting your options? Learn how Claudia & Garrett from Two Cup House dumped $200k in two years by simplifying their lives and moving into a tiny house! Achieving Financial Freedom By Dumping Debt Whenever I hear neighbors, friends, and family talk about their debt, there are a couple of reactions. Some […]

Which Debt Payoff Method Is Right for You?

The Pay off Your Debt Faster continues with the next step – figuring out the best debt payoff method as couple. By now you two have a clear idea of how much debt you’re in (and how you got there) and you two have read up on the basics of paying off debt. Now it’s […]

3 Steps to Staying Motivated While Paying Off Debt

Getting out of debt can be tough on a marriage, especially if you have a massive amount. Learn 3 crucial keys to stay motivated until you knock it out! Paying off a large amount of debt can take one or more years for some of us. It’s easy to be gung-ho and make large sacrifices […]

How To Dump Debt Before The Year Wraps Up

Today we’re looking at how you can knock out a debt or two before this year wraps up! Knock Out a Debt Quickly Who doesn’t want to unload a debt before this year wraps up? Paying off debt is usually one of the top three goals people make for the year, but struggle to achieve. […]

How to Get Out of Your Rut to Dump Debt and Save!

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your finances? Learn how you can break through and start making progress to dump your debt and start saving together! Dumping Debt with Popcorn Finance Do you guys feel frustrated with your finances? Maybe you’re trying to pay down the debt (especially those credit cards) […]

How to Create Your Debt Free Plan Together

Want to become debt free, but you haven’t figured out how to do it together? Here’s what you need to know to knock out your debt faster!  Debt Free Together I’ve yet to meet a couple who became debt free by accident. It’s kind of easy to slip into credit card debt or take on loans […]