Pay Off Debt Together

How Can We Pay Off Our Debt Faster?

Are you two stuck with a ton of debt? Learn the strategy, tools, and tactics to pay off your debt sooner! How Can We Pay Off Our Debt Faster? The first episode of Couple Money was released this week and I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback from you. Thank you so much for listening! I’m using […]

Make Your Debt Payments Automatic

Today is the last in the Pay Off Your Debt Faster series. Over the last month, I shared step by step how the two of you can speed up your debt-free plan. The last step – automating your payments – has been touched on briefly, but it has such a huge impact on your success, […]

How to Build Up Your Debt Payments

Big wins are important and for most people it’s what gets them motivated. I highly recommend that you start off with the big stuff because I know from personal experience how seeing that cash in your account pumps you up. Your hard earned money is staying with you, not going towards some nebulous cloud of bills. Imagine […]

Know How Deep Your Debt Is

Over the years, between our personal experience with paying off the car loan and discussing with other couples about becoming debt free, I’ve found that there is an effective way for the two of you to reach your goals. It comes down to: Know How Deep Your Debt Is Review Debt Methods as a Couple […]

Dealing with Setbacks When Paying Off Debt

The road to becoming debt-free isn’t always smooth. See how we dealt with setbacks when paying off our student loans. Last month, I shared our goal for 2014 – getting rid of the student loan by the end of the year. I explained why we wanted to do it and mentioned that I’d be doing monthly […]

Pay Off Debt App and Giveaway

Paying off debt faster is a big goal for many couple, not just in terms of the financial amount it can costs, but also the emotional baggage of having debt hanging over you. The good news is that having a plan of an attack significantly increases your chances of success and increases how quickly you […]

How Much of the Student Loan Have We’ve Paid Off?

It’s been a bit since I shared our student loan balance and since there is a new provider, I’ll update you on how things are going. There is change with payments that the new loan service provider notified me about this week. Adjusting Our Student Loan Payments When we were with the old student loan […]

Digging Out From an Upside Down Car Loan

Are you stuck in an upside-down car loan (owe more than it’s worth)? Learn ways you can find money to dig out and escape!  Dealing with an Upside Down Car Loan Julie wrote in with a frustrating and draining situation – being stuck with a bad car loan. Neither one of us are financial experts, but […]