How Much Should You Tip?

Going out for dinner and drinks or taking a trip? Here’s an easy gratuity guide to help you know how much to tip!  As we’re preparing for our trip to Denver this week, we’re going over our budget for a few things we’d like to do. It’s not a line by line budget, but a […]

Mastering Your Finances in Today’s Economy

Learn how you can beat this economy by mastering your finances. Get tools and tips to easily set up your savings and invest for your future.  It’s not impossible to handle your finances in this economy.Getting your finances under control is completely doable if you take it step by step. Get a Snapshot of Your […]

Beefing Up Your Job Loss Emergency Plan

I wrote how couples, even when times are well for them at present, should have a job loss emergency plan handy should the unfortunate event happen to them. Today I want to add another scenario for couples to consider when sitting down and talking about their finances regarding a job loss- severance packages. This weekend […]

Google Fiber Coming to the Triangle?

Last night I got an email alerting me that Google Fiber is expanding and the Raleigh/Durham area is on the list as a potential location. Right now the company is talking with mayors in nine metro areas across the country, evaluating the current infrastructure and examining the feasibility of bring their service. What is Google […]

Do You Have Job Loss Emergency Plan?

Thinking about losing a job is not just an exercise on paper for couples right now. There are many families struggling to pay the bills as one or both spouses try to find gainful employment. While I hope none of you have to go through that experience, While I hope none of you have to go […]

4 Government Cutbacks that Directly Impact You

Even though the economy is in recovery, most government budgets for the new fiscal year required cutbacks to public services.  It was no longer possible to try making ends meet with hiring freezes, deferred maintenance or moving funds from one department to another. The alternative to reducing budgets is increasing tax revenues.  Most people feel […]

Can’t Find a Job? Start a Business

Starting a Business Because of the Current Economy Recently Congress decided not to extend paid unemployment benefits past the current 99 weeks. Although unemployment rates are improving slowly, the national unemployment rate was 9.6% in October 2010. This means some states are still experiencing double digit unemployment. Many people haven’t waited for a job to […]