Empire Building Kit: Build Your Business in a Year

As you know, our goal is to have a location independent source of income that will allow us to pay our expenses and hopefully pay our mortgage down earlier. I bought Chris’ Empire Building Kit when it first launched last month, because I thought it would be beneficial. Building My Side Business My side business is profitable, but […]

Career Advice from Conan O’Brien

I was checking the news today and I noticed that Conan O’Brien announced that he will have a new show on TBS next fall. I’ve been a casual fan of Conan and recent events have definitely been interesting to watch. 3 Key Lessons from Conan O’Brien Today, though, I had another thought come to me when […]

Spend Less Than You Earn AND Earn More Money

People are looking for quick fixes for improving their finances. They want to build their wealth and earn more money as quickly as possible. Many personal finance sites talk about spending less than you earn. This is the fundamental wealth law. By keeping your expenses lower than you income you’ll have more money left for saving, investing, […]