A Challenge with Receipts

Many merchants have gotten tougher with their return policies including the one that sold me the wrong connector recently. They require the original receipt along with the product. Since it was a fairly recent purchase I knew the receipt was somewhere; just not where! Forty-five frantic minutes later I found it along with the realization that […]

3 Ways To Set Up Your Kid’s Allowance

Different strokes for different folks, as they say. The same is true for handling teenagers and how to give them their allowance. Some parents may find it easier to give them a monthly allowance, but some may find that their teen ends up spending it all before the week is through. Here are three strategies […]

Welcome Frugal Dad Readers to Couple Money!

Welcome Frugal Dad readers! I’m so grateful that you’ve decided to take a look around Couple Money. For those new to the site, here is some information to get you familiar with the site and the community. Couple Money is about handling family and finances responsibly in order to spend more time doing what we love. We’re […]

How to Manage Loans to Friends with Microsoft Excel

Do you and your friends loan each other money quite a lot? We all want to help out our good friends but the problem is when loans are not repaid if you get into arguments about what is owed, or if you let some slide, then this can cause tension or could ultimately break the […]

My Most Important Financial Tool

Want to know what my most important financial tool is? What do you think? Budget? Emergency savings? Cash flow statement? Financial planner? Nope, none of those. My most important financial tool is my wife! Let me explain. We’re On The Same Page My wife and I talk to each other about our financial goals and […]

Welcome ProBlogger Readers to Couple Money!

Thanks for reading my post on improving my site with the 31 Day Challenge! I had a blast with it and as I continued following a modified weekly version of it, I’m hoping that it’ll help Couple Money’s community to grow. My hope is that you’ll look around and join us we’re building financial freedom […]