Couples and Money: Managing Finances Together

Money touches everything in our lives. It affects our mood, our relationships, our experiences, and even the opportunities that we have in life. Of course, it’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem. Is it that money affects our relationships, mood, etc… or is it that our relationships, mood and so forth affect our […]

I Broke My Rule (About Loaning Money to Family)

Remember when I wrote about not loaning money to friends and family? Well, I did and guess what? They’re not talking to me and I never got my money back. All is Quiet on the Family Front I have particular relative who’s had money troubles before. It’s been a rough couple of years for various reasons – […]

Financial Choices and Their Impact 5 Years Later

Recently I guest posted on My Money Blog about our baby expenses so far with our first kid. Jonathan shared the happy news that they were expecting their first kid. He also put out a call for readers to offer their own experiences and the financial impact of having kids: In financial terms, how was having a […]

Budgeting as a Couple

This post is part of Women’s Money Week 2012. I believe that for married women to feel empowered and confident with their finances they need to know to communicate with their spouse on the family’s finances. Everyone has their own specific style; however there are a few principles that can help couples with their budget. Creating a budget for […]

Financial Benefits of Being Married

This post was written by Wayne at Young Family Finance. He writes about the every day financial challenges that young families face, like the cost of owning a dog. Some people may suggest that managing your finances as a couple is more difficult than as a single individual. After all, it takes much more communication […]

The Best of Couple Money (2011 Edition)

This week I’m catching on some items on my to -do list that I’ve been putting off. It’s been an amazing year for me, both personally (our baby girl!) and professionally. I’m happy with how 2011 went and I’m looking forward to improving Couple Money in 2012. I want to thank those of you who […]

Let’s All Go to the Movies…Cheaply!

Have you cut back on going to the movies because of the ticket prices? I don’t blame you for not wanting to pay anywhere between $8-13 just for a regular evening show. You don’t have to give up seeing new releases to save money. Here are some ways to see that movie for less. Screenings […]

Who’s Your Financial Mentor?

Dave Ramsey Suze Orman David Bach What do these people have in common? They’re financial gurus and millions of people consider them their financial mentors. I’ve read their books and agree that you can learn quote a bit about finances from them. However I have different financial mentors. For me my financial mentors are people […]