Financial Reviews

How to Set Up and Reach Your Money Goals Together

Today we’ll go over key steps on how to set up and achieve your big family money goals for next year!  Set Your Family Up for Big Wins As 2021 winds down, now is a great time to set up some pieces with your finances so you can knock things out of the ballpark in […]

Marriage and Money: Why You Two Need a Year End Review

Get a peek into how we did with our goals for this year and see how you can do your year review and set yourself up for an incredible 2022! Why You Need to Do a Year-End Review with Your Money It’s November, aka the time of the year where I usually start winding down.  […]

2020 Year End Review: Reflect, Refresh, and Pivot

Get a peek into how we did with our goals for this year and see how you can do your year review and set yourself up for an incredible 2021!  Year-End Review and Planning for 2021 What a year, what a year! We still have a nother month, but most people I know are kind […]

How to Pivot Your Money and Make It Work Harder for You

2020 is not business as usual. Today we’re going over how to pivot your money during this crisis to put your family in a more financially stable spot! How to Readjust Your Finances during This Crisis Most of us are still dealing with the financial fallout of the coronavirus. With this last part of the […]

Three Must-Read Money Books to Pick Up This Summer

When we had our first chat about money – you know, the one where I discovered, I pretty much had a ton of debt and he only had a small student loan – it was a game changer for me. You better believe I was trying to figure out ways to start getting out of […]

Creating a Financial Plan as a Couple

Today we’re talking about how you two can really review the big picture and create a financial plan to make sure you hit YOUR big money goals! I wouldn’t call it a guilty pleasure, but when I’m online, I do enjoy taking those online quizzes or reading those posts where they break down in a […]

Year End Financial Reviews, Overcoming Setbacks, and Simplifying

Today we’re wrapping up the season with how to overcome setbacks and plan for your best year!  Financial Wins, Overcoming Setbacks, and Planning for Your Best Year How has this year been treating you? To be honest, things have been a real roller coaster.  We’ve made several trips this year to visit loved ones in […]

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft can not only ruin your finances, it can also be emotionally draining as you try to rebuild. If you’re looking to protect yourself, here are some ways you can become more secure. Keeping Your Personal Information Secure The good news is that you can prevent some of your information getting out by taking a […]