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How to Stop Fighting About Money and Build Wealth Instead

Welcome Master Your Money Viewers!  I hope you enjoyed Part One of the Master Your Money series. Please join in Part Two at 8pm ET tonight when three fantastic bloggers share their best money tips. To make things easier for you, I’ve included below information and links to the topics I discussed in my presentation. Money […]

The Best Couple Money Posts of 2014

With 2014 coming to end in a couple of weeks, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for your support. Your comments and stories have been so encouraging and motivating to me as we reached our fifth anniversary this year. I truly couldn’t have reached this point without you. In […]

Alex von Tobel Wants You to Be Financially Fearless

We’re already halfway through January; can you believe it?! As some people are reevaluating the money goals they’ve set for themselves this year, I want to share a book that may keep you on target in 2014 and beyond – Financially Fearless by Alexa von Tobel. In case you’re unfamiliar with her, Alexa is the […]

The Best Couple Money Posts of 2013

I hope you and your family are doing well this week! With 2013 closing and 2014 coming in, I wanted to reflect on some of the most popular and useful posts on Couple Money and say thank you for all your support and feedback. Many times I’ve written based on what you’ve shared in the […]

Kiplinger Unveils Redesigned Website

I’m a happy subscriber to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – I enjoy checking out their commentary and coverage on personal finance. While I had checked their site from time to time, I found it a bit boring. I actually preferred grabbing my personal copy of the magazine. Kiplinger: New Look, Same Great However I found out that […]

The Best of Couple Money – 2012 Edition

As I’m working on some bigger posts for next week and beyond, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a wonderful year. As a way to wind down this year, I wanted to share some popular and my favorite posts of 2012 here on Couple Money: January 2012 One of the big […]

You vs Debt Review

Today Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt is opening up You Vs Debt for the second round. After learning about the program from Baker, I wanted to share and review some of my thoughts on the program. You vs Debt Overview I will say up front that I’m a fan of all of  Baker’s work on ManVs Debt and […]

My 7 Links at Couple Money

There’s been a meme floating around the blogosphere lately–7 Links. The goal of this is to have bloggers revisit their old posts and provide a retrospective in 7 assigned categories. I’ve been tagged by Out of Your Rut and so I’m sharing my own 7 Links with you. Your Most Beautiful Post Ironically my most […]