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RMR – Mortgage Consumer Guides

With interest rates so low, some people are considering buying a house. According to Bankrate, the national average for a 30 year fixed mortgage is 4.31%. Should you buy a house? How do you know if you’re ready? What resources are available to those with limited incomes? Mortgage Guides Today I’m reviewing Refinance Mortgage Rates and their free […]

Best of Money Carnival #109

Welcome to the 109th edition of the Best of Money Carnival! It’s been exciting to go through all the entries, but I can only share the ten best personal finance articles this week. This was especially hard with wonderful submissions I received. If you are new to Couple Money feel free to stay and check out some of […]

Go Insurance Rates Review

You may have noticed a new partner on my site – Go Insurance Rates. I wanted to take some time and explain why I signed up with them and how their service can really help you save a lot of money on auto insurance. Go Insurance Rates – Shop Around From Home If you’re looking […]

Couple Money: Best of May 2011

Thanks everyone for a wonderful month in May! It’s been great (and busy), so I thought I would be nice to highlight some of my favorite things over the past month. Popular Posts on Couple Money Here are some of the popular and fun posts over the past month here.Thanks to everyone who took the […]

Year End Review 2010: What We Could’ve Improved

Earlier this week, I wrote about our income streams and big expenses in 2010. It was fun to look back and see where our money came from and where we directed it towards. Being conscious of your finances can be a big step in improving them. I wanted to continue on the topic and look at […]

Year End Review 2010: Income & Expenses

The year is winding down and we’ve been looking back over the past year. During our anniversary trip this month, we reflected on the highlights of 2010 and now I want to review some of our finances. For the first half of the review I wanted to look at our income and expenses for the year. For some of you, it’ll look familiar as […]

Couple Money: Best of November 2010

Thanks everyone for a wonderful November! I thought I would be nice to highlight some of my favorite things over the past month. I hope you’re enjoying the site as much as I am. It’s been amazing and I feel like we’re going to close the year on a high note. Just in case you’re […]