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Addiction and Anxiety: What are the Risks?

Today’s guest post comes from Adam Cook. In addition to the references and resources he shares, I want to also include  Getting the treatment you need can make a huge difference, so please reach out.  Many people do not realize that mental illness and addiction too often go hand in hand. An addiction can cause mental […]

5 Alternatives to Gym Membership

One of the ways I’ve wasted money is with gym memberships. I’ve belonged to about half a dozen different gyms over the years and it all ended the same way. I’d go for a month or two and then gradually stop. Meanwhile, the monthly fee would be drafted from my account until the required period […]

Cruising on a Bicycle for Health and Wealth

Last week I was proud to post about finally sitting down with an attorney and getting our wills updated and our guardianship paperwork in order. Motivated by the ‘win’ I decided to move on to another goal I’ve had for a bit – getting a bicycle. (Yep, I’m growing a mustache!) Why I Bought a Bicycle […]

Home Remedies Already in Your Kitchen

  Got a cold or a headache? You most likely have relief in your kitchen. Home remedies can fight these illnesses and others for many of us. Why and When to Use Home Remedies There are many reasons to want to try something at home versus a pharmaceutical solution for a medical concern. Natural medications […]

Be Prepared: Emergency Kits and More

Earthquake in Virginia Yesterday while the three of us were going around town taking care of errands (aka looking for an HP TouchPad) an earthquake occurred in Virginia. While we didn’t personally notice it, our family on the Eats Coast certainly did and contacted us to make sure we were alright. I’m happy to hear that there was […]

Take Advantage of Health Care Tax Breaks

Health insurance premiums have increased every year recently for us as our insurance carrier tries to keep up with escalating costs. Price Waterhouse has already estimated an 8.5% increase in costs next year. It may be impossible to escape this increase but there are ways to leverage health care expenses to cut your taxes. Flexible […]

Best Practices for Storing Medicines in Your Home

It would be hard to find a household without medications somewhere in the home. In addition to prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements can be thought of in this category as well. Most of us haven’t put any thought into how we store medications but it can make a real difference in the effectiveness […]

Eating and Living Healthier As a Couple

We’ve been working on our eating habits this year and we’ve been happy with the results. We’ve both dropped weight and we feel much better than we did before. My husband has lost about 25lbs and I’ve dropped 11lbs! What I’m most happy about is the fact that we lost the weight months ago and it’s stayed […]