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Easy Meal Planning for Busy Couples

Does your food bill blow your budget every month? Learn easy meal planning tips that are designed for busy couples who want to eat well and save!  How to Save with Meal Planning One of the biggest bills couples have – especially busy ones – is their food. If you’ve done the Zero Day Challenge […]

Easy and Smart Ways to Eat Well and Cut Your Food Bill

Are you a foodie? Is eating out killing your budget? Learn insanely smart and easy ways you two can eat well while cutting your food bills! [smart_track_player url=”″ background=”default” ] Slashing Your Food Bills Since this America Saves Week, I thought that this would be a perfect time to tackle a typically huge expense – […]

Delicious Meals on the Cheap

If you decide to stay home for date night or just want to impress your spouse, I got you covered! I gathered dinner recipes (some of them copycat ones from popular restaurants) around five different themes. I looked for awesome meals that would cost a pretty penny if you went out to eat them, but are […]

How to Eat Well on a Budget

Love to eat well, but you’re on a budget? Learn how to be a frugal foodie with these money saving and savvy shopping tips! With the warmer weather, more people are spending time outdoors and for some couples, it’s a nudge to get more fit. One of the best habits you can pick up is eating […]

Does Homebrewing Beer Actually Save Money?

It’s been about two months since we started our joint hobby of homebrewing beers. I will say this – it is incredibly fun and a relaxing way to spend an evening most times. Since we got the equipment kit and some supplies to start off with, we’ve beenbusy every week making a batch.  So what […]

Homebrewing as a Couple

My husband and I have started a new hobby and last night we spent the whole evening together working on a project that we’ve wanted to do for a bit – we brewed some beer! While I wouldn’t call it frugal (at least right now with the upfront costs) I will say brewing at home is […]

Community Support Agriculture (CSAs) in North Carolina

With spring coming we’re looking forward to another season with The Produce Box. We found it to be a great buy for us. It’s not only saving us money but it’s improving our family’s menu with fresh local produce. We paid the annual enrollment fee ($18) and we’re already thinking of how we’re going to plan our […]