2011 Financial Goals

Publishing my yearly goals last year definitely made an impact on the outcome. Just knowing I told all 50 readers (and that it was in the archives) kept them in the back of my mind well past the first month! With that kind of success I definitely wanted to do the same thing again. In […]

Investing In Yourself and Your Family

Learn how you can grow your finances with an investment – in yourself. Last week, I wrote a review about the site Lynda.com and answered the question, is it worth it? After using it for a bit more, I realize I was missing a bigger picture. I wasn’t looking at whether I was spending my […]

Set Small Goals and Succeed

If you’re like me, setting goals and keeping them is not your nature. I have learned the hard way that having specific goals help me get more done instead of doing several things at once and getting nowhere. One very productive way to write a goal is to use the SMART method. Create SMART Goals […]

His, Mine, and Our Financial Goals

Before coming up with a plan on how to reach our financial goals, it would make sense to take just a minute to write down and list what goals we have as a couple. What we’ve noticed is that even though we may have individual goals, they are still tied to our team effort. I’ll […]

Couple Money – Welcome!

Hello, I’m Elle and welcome to Couple Money! What’s Couple Money About? As the name suggests, Couple Money is about working together as a couple on building your family’s finances. We’ve all seen the news pieces about how money is big source of martial stress. Couple Money is about using finances as a way to […]