How to Save Big Money on Your Health Insurance Expenses

Do you feel like your health insurance premiums have exploded? Learn how you can save money on your health insurance and medical expenses! Working to Lower Healthcare Costs I remember not too long ago, it used to be that the three biggest expenses we had were rent, food, and the car. We then paid off […]

How to Prepare and Protect Yourselves from Financial Disaster

Have you ever felt stressed and out of options because of an emergency that came up?  We’re going to share how you can prepare for financial disasters and protect yourselves! What You Need to Know About Financial Disasters How close are you guys living to the edge? According to some of these headlines, it wouldn’t take […]

Covering Your Family’s Needs with Life Insurance

If you haven’t already, set up sometime during your next money date to sit down and make sure you have enough life insurance to cover your family’s needs. It may not be a fun thing to think about but as a couple with kids we knew we needed to review all of our finances this year to make sure […]