Take Advantage of Health Care Tax Breaks

Health insurance premiums have increased every year recently for us as our insurance carrier tries to keep up with escalating costs. Price Waterhouse has already estimated an 8.5% increase in costs next year. It may be impossible to escape this increase but there are ways to leverage health care expenses to cut your taxes. Flexible […]

Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Conventional wisdom might be that everyone needs life insurance. Interestingly, the first form of life insurance was burial clubs back in ancient Rome. In fact, a more appropriate name for this product might be “death” insurance. As you can imagine that name wouldn’t sell well. We all hope it a policy that is never used! […]

Should We Buy Travel Insurance?

You don’t see them much anymore but airports used to have machines for purchasing flight insurance. They made me nervous because you don’t want to think about a negative outcome right before boarding the plane. Factors to Consider When Buying Travel Insurance However, there are times you should consider purchasing travel insurance to avoid missing […]

Is Your Life Insurance Agent Biased?

Can You Trust Your Life Insurance Agent? Your life insurance agent is biased. How do I know? I used to be one. Not only is your agent biased, I can attest to the fact that it is unavoidable. There’s something called a “conflict of interest” that the Freakonomics guys wrote about in the section about […]

Tips on Lowering Your Health Care Expenses

One of the expenses many couples have to include is health insurance. If you neglect to have suitable insurance, it can not only lead to serious health consequences but also can ruin your financial life. A visit to the ER can average $361- $1262 according to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. In Florida, […]