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Open Enrollment: Which Health Insurance Plan Is Right For You? Plus More

It’s that time again… open enrollment season and with it, a lot of financial decisions to make for the upcoming year. Learn how you can maximize your benefits, especially when it comes to choosing an affordable health insurance plan! Choosing Your Health Insurance, Dental, and Disability If there’s one area of finances where families have […]

Master Your Network & Survive a Layoff

Layoffs can not only wreck your finances, it can also be a huge emotional stress. While most of us cannot stop a layoff from happening, there are steps we can do to minimize its impact and increase our chances of finding more work. That was the case Eric found himself in a few years ago. He […]

4 Tips for A Successful Interview

  Do you know what it takes to ace the next big interview? Whether it’s for a college admission, award or the next job these tips will help you make the most of the opportunity. Do Your Research The first step to success is doing your homework. Study the company website and know the mission, […]

5 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

The economy has left many people looking for work and recruiters can be inundated when it screening applicants so they’re using any reason to throw yours out. I even read that having an hotmail or yahoo email address can result in your resume being ignored. Use these tips so you don’t kill your chances to […]

Don’t Sabotage Your Own Job Interview

So many people are looking for work now in this economy. Many employers have the advantage when trying to fill a position. People are looking for something long term where they can grow and develop and the good news is that there are places like that. My husband’s company is growing and they are hiring. They’ve been having […]

4 Ways to Tackle Job Stress

  Many people lost their jobs during the recent recession.  Those left often had to assume an additional workload.  This factor along with project deadlines, office politics and lack of control over your day can add up to a great deal of stress. Stress can adversely impact your health with headaches, stomach problems, depression and […]

Job Hunters: What Does a Background Check Mean to You?

It costs a company a great deal to train a new employee so they want to make sure they hire well.  One of the steps to do so is adding background checks to the hiring process.  Of course the information age makes it possible at a reasonable cost. What is in a Background Check? What […]