Kids and Money

How to Teach Your Kids About Money (w/o Being Boring!)

Want your kids to be generous, responsible, and money savvy? Here are four ways to teach your kids about money (without being boring)!  Money is not the most import thing, but learning how to manage it is a crucial skill. As parents, we want to prepare our girls to be able to pay the bills, save […]

Beyond Allowances: Teaching Your Kids to Save and Invest Money Wisely

Want your kids to be money savvy?  Learn how you can teach your kids to budget, save, and invest wisely!  Do you remember how you handled money growing up? I can’t recall when I got my allowance, but I remember being in second or third grade going around the neighborhood collecting bottles and cans for […]

The Opposite of Spoiled: How to Raise Money-Smart (and Generous) Kids

Ron Lieber, NY Times money columnist and author of The Opposite of Spoiled, discusses how to raise money-savv kids who are generous.  Talking About Money with Our Kids Whether we plan to or not our kids will pick up their financial habits based on what we say and do around them. We can look back at our parents and get an […]

Kids & Money: Crash Course on Budgets at the Zoo

Not sure how to get your kids to understand budgets without boring them? Learn how a trip to the zoo gave our six-year-old a (fun) crash course on money! Kids and Money What happens when you put your 6-year-old in charge of the money? We ran a real-life experiment to help our daughter learn about managing […]

Teaching Kids About Money: Allowances

Starting last year, we slowly introduced some money concepts to our little girl based on her interests. Now our daughter is beginning to receive an allowance. It’s a big transition for us in helping our kid become savvy and comfortable with money. How Allowances Help Kids In The Opposite of Spoiled, Lieber discusses how allowances can be […]

Introducing Money to Kids

If things seem quiet lately on the site it’s because I’ve been slowing down in preparation of the (hopefully soon) arrival of our second daughter. The house has been cleaned, the bags have been packed, and everyone is on stand by. I’ve been spending this month making sure that all of my obligations for work have […]

Coin Jars and Our Toddler

As parents we hope that by the time our daughter leaves the house she has a healthy view of money.  She’s a toddler now, so we want to keep it fun and help her as she learns the fundamentals of math. Piggy banks are a big part of that right now. Teaching Money with Coin […]