7 Romantic Frugal Date Ideas

It’s important to keep the romance in a relationship and making time for dates is one way to do so. Sometimes people focus on extravagant dates that can be expensive. Date nights don’t have to be expensive. We regularly make time for each other without breaking the budget. Date Idea #1: Dinner In You might […]

Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Spouse

I recently did a segment on the Couple Money Podcast on gift shopping and I wanted to share some tips from it.  Finding and giving the perfect gift for your loved ones one of the best feelings. However it can sometimes seem really difficult, especially if someone is ‘hard to shop for’. If you’re in this […]

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Being Married

Today’s post isn’t about finance, so please feel free to skip. I have to however share this special day on my site. Happy Anniversary to us! We’ve been happily married for 5 years, but it feels more has been packed in these five years than any other time in my life. As a way of showing my happiness […]

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Next week we’ll be celebrating our 4th anniversary! As part of our tradition, we’re going on a trip to spend some time together away from all the usual. While we’ll see some of our family during our stay this year we’ve also allotted time for ourselves. We’re not big gift givers on our anniversaries – if we see […]

My Most Important Financial Tool

Want to know what my most important financial tool is? What do you think? Budget? Emergency savings? Cash flow statement? Financial planner? Nope, none of those. My most important financial tool is my wife! Let me explain. We’re On The Same Page My wife and I talk to each other about our financial goals and […]

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

I just wanted to say that I’m married to a wonderful husband. Happiness canmeansomanythings… …but for me,happiness meanssharing my life with you. Happy AnniversaryWith All My Love Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack