Marriage and Money Tips

5 Easy (Yet Powerful) Ways to Save More Money

Do you feel like you’re not making any progress with your savings this year? Today I’m going to share five simple and powerful ways you can save a lot more money! The Secret to Saving More Money Saving more money is one of those big goals that a lot of people have, but get stuck. […]

4 Stress Free Ways to Slash Your Food Bill

Want to eat well while¬†saving time and money? Here are 4 stress-free ways to slash your food bills! Eat Well While Slashing Your Food Bill Let me ask you a question – How much did you spend on your food bills last month? Chances are it was one of your big expenses. Unfortunately, it’s typically […]

Track These Two Key Numbers to Master Your Money

Do you two want to get ahead with your money but you don’t have the time to worry about every bill coming in and out? Today I’ll share two key numbers you need to know to stay on top of and master your money! Why Tracking Your Numbers Matters Most couples want to be better […]

Are You Ready to Buy a House?

Are you house hunting or about to start? Today I’ll share four crucial steps you need to take to not only be ready to buy a house but still have money leftover to enjoy it!  Saving for a House? Here’s How You Need to Financially Prep For many couples, buying a home is a huge milestone. It’s probably […]

4 Fun and Easy Money Challenges to Try Out Together

Want to step things up with your big goals? Try out these 4 fun money challenges together to dump your debt faster and become financially free!  4 Money Challenges To Take On Together Sometimes when you’re tackling big goals like knocking out massive amounts of debts or saving up for early retirement, it can be […]

3 Habits to Grow Your Wealth and Strengthen Your Marriage

In honor of International Women’s Day 2018, over 40 fantastic female money and business bloggers have come together for the #WomenRockMoney Movement to share their best financial advice for women! 3 Crucial Money Habits to Grow Your Wealth and Relationship Since this is couple money my financial tip for #WomenRocksMoney is about habits to grow […]