Marriage and Money Tips

5 Money Books for Couples Looking to Become Financially Independent

Want to retire early? Here are the 5 best money and marriage books on financial independence! Some of the best investments you can make with your marriage and money are books. 5 Books for Financial Independence Out of the different topics about finances, one of the more popular ones is this idea of financial independence. […]

Should We Loan Money to Family?

Are you two fighting over whether or not to lend money to family? Learn how you can help your loved ones out without messing up your money and marriage!  The Stress of Lending Money to Family Should you loan money to your family whether it’s yours or your in-laws? It can be a very tricky subject […]

Why You Need a Starter Emergency Fund NOW

What would you do if you were hit with an unexpected $1,000 bill? Learn how you can protect yourselves with a starter emergency fund!  What would you do if you guys were hit with an emergency? How big does it have to be before your budget breaks? $100? $500? $1000? More? This weekend we had […]

How to Win Your Spouse Over When They Hate the Budget

Frustrated that your spouse hates the budget? Learn how you can win them over!  You have your big money goal down. Your first week you had your budget laid out but now… your budget is busted. You look over to your spouse and they don’t really seem that bothered. the reason could be they’re not […]

The Key to Achieving Your Big Money Goal Together

Hey guys what’s your big goal for the year? Today I’m sharing a tip that will help you get on the same page, reach your goal, and still have fun. Why You Need to Go On Money Dates Now if you listen to the podcast you might be already familiar with money dates. If this […]