Money Questions

Dealing with Losing Your Job and Income

Many families are dealing with the financial fallout from the coronavirus, including losing their income and jobs. See how you can adjust your budget and get the resources you need to ride out these tough times!  How to Financially Handle Losing Your Job and Income  Judging by the numbers, Ani’s situation is becoming more common. […]

How to Handle Your Finances During the Coronavirus Crisis

Today we’re going to jump in on ways you can adjust your finances during the coronavirus crisis to get through these tough times! Getting Your Finances Stabilized During the Coronavirus Crisis Even though it’s been less than a month since schools closed here in Raleigh, it feels like a lifetime ago.   And chances are things […]

How to Deal With and Overcome Financial Infidelity in Your Marriage

It’s not uncommon for a spouse to have a secret credit card or have more debt than they’ve told. Financial infidelity can ruin a marriage. Learn how you can set up a financial system that allows you to be open and honest with your finances and work together with money! Financial Infidelity in Your Marriage […]

Paying Off Debt as a Couple

Are you two dealing with debt? Learn how you can approach it so you’re fighting the debt and not each other.  Note: This is a question I received from a reader and he kindly agreed to let me share his situation along with my response. (some details have been adjusted for privacy).  Which Order Should Debt […]

How to Find the Right Financial Advisor for You

Do you feel like you guys are kind of stuck with your finances? Have you hit a wall and don’t know the next move? Today I’ll share how you can find the best financial advisor for you!  Finding the Right Financial Advisor What do you think about when you hear financial advisor? You may have been to one […]

How to Find a Financial Planner You Can Trust

Looking to take your finances to the next level? Learn how you can find a find a financial planner you can trust!  Why You Need a Financial Advisor You Can Trust The first financial advisor I spoke with was through my job. He was someone my boss had worked with a few things and he […]

Best Wedding Planning Tips from an Insider!

Wedding planner Megan Gillikin as plenty of insider tips to help you plan a fantastic wedding (and still stick to your budget)!  Best Insider Tips on Planning Your Wedding Even though it’s about 13 years ago, I remember being stressed at times when planning our wedding. Just like we heard at the top of the show, as […]