Save Money on Your Mortgage

Mortgages: How to Find the Best Rates

Buying a house is typically the biggest purchase couples make so you want to have your numbers line up with your goals and budget. Learn how you can find the best mortgage rates when you house hunt!  Finding the Best Mortgages Rates Are you two getting ready to start house hunting? Congratulations! When we were […]

Buying a House? Here’s How to Get a Great Deal with Your Mortgage

When you’re buying a house, there is a ton of paperwork and terminology thrown at you.  Today we’re going to decipher and explain all the essentials you need to know to get a great deal on your mortgage!  Getting a Great Mortgage When Buying a House Even if you’re excited and ready to buy a […]

How One Couple Paid Off Their Mortgage in Less Than 5 Years

Want to be completely debt free, including your house? Find out the key changes one couple made to pay off their mortgage in less than five years!  Pay Your Mortgage Off Faster What would you do if you owed your home free and clear like Andy does now? With no mortgage payment what options would open […]

When Refinancing Your Mortgage Makes Sense

Your mortgage can easily be your biggest monthly expense. Depending on your situation, you may be able to reduce that burden by refinancing your mortgage. It’s not complicated, but it takes time to get it done so it’s smart to go over the numbers and see if it the right move for you. Reasons to […]

How Much House You Can (Really) Afford

With our baby’s arrival and my returning to work, we’re focusing our attention on two of our goals for this year – paying off the student loan and buying a house. As we begin the process one of our first steps is seeing how much of a mortgage we can comfortably afford and figuring a […]

Mortgage Escrow: How Does It Work

It looks like one of our bills will be increasing starting this month. Imagine the joy on our faces when we got an update from Wells Fargo about our mortgage payments for the next year. It looks like we’re having an increase.  Having a fixed rate mortgage doesn’t necessarily mean that our payments to Wells Fargo remain the same through out the […]

Get Your Money Right Before Buying a House

Today’s post is based on a response to a comment I made on another personal finance blog. With The Debt Movement in full swing, I’ve been stopping by and checking out the site to get motivated and inspired by the debt reduction posts. One post, called, Is Your Goal to Get Out of Debt or […]