Save Money on Your Mortgage

Mortgage Payoff Progress for 2012

It’s the end year, so I’m reviewing a bit of financial progress we’ve made. Today I want to look at our mortgage on our home. Like our monthly net worth reviews, we looking over the numbers to what we’ve done to see what worked and what didn’t. This system has worked well for us as […]

Refinancing Your Mortgage Can Still Be a Great Option

One of my favorite things about writing here on Couple Money is receiving email from you.  Whether it’s questions or stories, I love hearing your thoughts on finances. Refinancing His Mortgage Three Times in Three Years This week I received an email from a reader who has successfully refinanced their mortgage a few times, saving money and time […]

Small Joys: An Update on Paying Down the Mortgage

With the low-interest rates out there (still!) I’ve been checking to see if getting a refinance makes sense for us. We tried to refinance earlier this year, but the overall costs didn’t work out for us. One of the lenders I checked out was our current one as they offer a streamline refinance. I discovered […]

Refinancing Our House- An Update

It’s been a bit since I mentioned refinancing our mortgage. We hadn’t dropped the idea – it’s just that there hasn’t been much changed. We haven’t heard anything from the mortgage specialist. Earlier this month we decided to see if the streamlined refinance option our current lender offers would be a good deal for us. […]

Get a House Faster Using Mortgage Insurance

For most people buying a house is the biggest purchase they’ll make.  Right now interest rates are incredibly low which is encouraging some people to consider house hunting. Perhaps they finished paying off their high-interest debts and they’re saving for their down payment. Some may worry that by the time they get the 20% down […]

Looking at Refinancing Our House

During last month’s net worth review I was looking at some areas where we could save some money and noticed that refinance rates were looking incredibly well. While looking over our finances, it’s looking like we may want to go ahead and see if we can snag a deal. It looks like we’re not the […]