Save Money on Your Mortgage

Bumping Up Extra Mortgage Payments

This year we’re moving along with our goals, last month we saw an small increase in our net worth and we’re looking to build on that momentum this month and the rest of the year. Extra Mortgage Payments and Saving Transfers Spiderman learned that with great power comes great responsibility. Since my husband received a raise this […]

Do You Qualify for a Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage takes a bit of work and while it’s not rocket science to apply, it’s not something you can do overnight. If you plan on buying a house with a mortgage loan, you have to meet certain qualifications. Having a Down Payment is Only Part of It When we applied for a mortgage, […]

Accelerating Our Mortgage Payments to Save $40K!

March is here and it’s the start of our mortgage payments! We paid our regular payment at the beginning of this month. If you remember from last month, we mentioned that we wanted to use our tax refund to pay down our mortgage. We also want to go ahead and send regular extra principal payments. Our […]

Mortgages: How Amortization Works And Why It Matters

Looking to buy a house? Learn how to keep your mortgage affordable by understanding how amortization works! What is Amortization for Mortgages? Are you two looking at buying a house in the near future? Chances are pretty high you’d like to keep your mortgage affordable. One of the best ways to prepare is understand the ins and […]