Do You Have a Money Action Plan?

This week on My Financial Reviews, I was giving my take on a new book released last month, Your 33 Day Money Action Plan from Nathan W. Morris. Basically I recommended it as a book to grab if you’re looking at meaningfully changing your finances relatively quickly. I wanted to share how a money action plan can help you […]

Monthly Money Challenges: No Restaurant November

This is a money saving tip for the 50/50 Challenge. Looking for Big Wins If you’ve been having a hard time saving money, then going cold turkey for the next year on spending will most likely fail. For a more sustainable change, look at the areas of your life that don’t matter as much for you […]

How Do You Measure Up Financially?

As many of you know, we have a monthly net worth review since we started in 2009. Back then, we started with less than $5,000 for our family’s net worth and now we’re a bit over $60k. I’m not going to lie- we absolutely love it when the numbers increase. However it’s not the main […]

Being Grateful Can Make You Happier

Happiness is so important it is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.  But it can seem elusive at times.  According to several studies, one key to happiness is gratitude. It can be work to be thankful when things aren’t going your way.  But if you’re alive, there are reasons to be grateful.  Here are some […]

What Determines Value?

Putting away holiday decorations a couple of weeks ago got me thinking about value. Many of the ornaments are homemade by my sons or other relatives. They have no value on the open market, but to me they are priceless. If you look up the word “value” in the dictionary it has many meanings. It seems […]

The Art of Saying No

Do you have too many events and obligations on your calendar? If you’re constantly scrambling to meet commitments it may be time to start saying no. If you’re like me, it’s hard to say no to requests for my time, talents or wallet. You can try to do everything, but it will most likely not […]