Never Too Late – Catching Up on Retirement Contributions

When’s the last time you check your 401(k) or IRA? Be honest. For most, it’s something they ignore until the quarterly statements arrive. (Sometimes that’s not even opened!) Why is that? One reason is that your portfolio isn’t what you’d like it to be. I get it. I remember when I first started investing and […]

Retire Sooner by Growing the Gap

November is ending quickly with December almost upon us and soon 2013 will be here. Have the two of you sat down and talk about your plans for next year? We have been spending the last couple of weeks chatting about what has went well and what we’d like to improve on financially. Retiring Early […]

Limited Investment Options in 401(k)s

I’ve written before about taking a 401(k) match if your employer offers it and we’ve been blessed that my husband has such a plan and match at his job.   It’s basically free money so he puts in enough to get the match. Making the Most of Your 401(k) However, when some invest in their company’s […]

Early Retirement? Maybe Not So Extreme…

It’s been pretty quiet over here with our finances recently. Once we bought the car, we’ve been building up our car fund a bit (to cover our current cars’ maintenance costs). Our finances have been automated so we’re continuing to pay down the student loan and the mortgage while contributing to our retirement accounts. I’ve been using the last month […]

Why An IRA Should Be Part of Your Retirement Plan

Retirement can seem like such a far off goal. For many there’s simply too much going on to worry about it, like: Family obligations Monthly bills Student loans Car loans You could also be trying to build an emergency fund or possibly saving up for a house down payment. However if you get too distracted and wait, you’re making yourself […]

Can I Retire? Review

When I was at the Financial Blogger Conference last month, I got to meet many personal finance bloggers, representatives from banks and financial sites, and authors. One blogger/author attending the conference was Mike Piper from Oblivious Investor. In addition to running the site he’s written seven personal finance book, including the one I’m reviewing today – Can I Retire? […]

How Much Do We Need to Retire?

When we did our taxes a couple years back, we were advised to contribute more to retirement. She explained to us that it could lower our taxable income and set aside our money for retirement. We’ve taken her advice and have been contributing towards our retirement. Figuring Out How Much We Need to Retire The […]

Asset Allocation and Your Age – What You Need to Know

Want to set up your retirement accounts, but don’t know where to start? One of the most effective ways to reach your goals is make sure your accounts are properly allocated. What’s Asset Allocation? The main idea behind proper asset allocation is maximizing your portfolio’s return while minimizing your risk. While maximizing returns seems clear, […]