Early Retirement? Maybe Not So Extreme…

It’s been pretty quiet over here with our finances recently. Once we bought the car, we’ve been building up our car fund a bit (to cover our current cars’ maintenance costs). Our finances have been […]

Can I Retire? Review

When I was at the Financial Blogger Conference last month, I got to meet many personal finance bloggers, representatives from banks and financial sites, and authors. One blogger/author attending the conference was […]

How Much Do We Need to Retire?

When we did our taxes a couple years back, we were advised to contribute more to retirement. She explained to us that it could lower our taxable income and set […]

Asset Allocation – Deciding for My IRA

As I’ve noted with our latest net worth update, my husband has his 401(k)contributions automatically deposited to receive his company’s match and I have a Roth IRA that I’m contributing towards. The year […]