Rolling Over Your 401(k) and Boost your Retirement

This Tuesday, my post on rolling over your 401(k) was on Five Cent Nickel. After it went live, I was browsing through and found an article on the Wall Street Journal’s site talking about some of the disadvantages of keeping your 401(k) with your old employer. Leaving $100,000 or More with Old Employer’s 401(k) What […]

How to Quickly Create Your Retirement Plan with Spreadsheets

Want to learn how much you need to retire? Try these free retirement spreadsheets and get your number! One of the purposes many families turn to Microsoft Excel for is working out their retirement plan in an easy and quick manner. This type of number crunching and planning is exactly the kind of math that gives […]

How to Automate Your Savings and Retirement Easily

I’ve talked a bit before about starting your retirement planning while you’re young. While that’s an important part of your finances, that’s not the only thing you should work on. Automating your savings, bills, and retirement can ease your stress and help you build your net worth more quickly. Our Automated Finances Here are some […]