How to Stop Overspending as a Couple

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Learn how to work as a couple to stop overspending and create a doable budget that allows you to still have some fun! Stop Overspending; Fight FOMO Black Friday is a big deal. For millions here in the United States, the floodgates will open and if it’s anything like years past […]

How to Control Your Spending Habits

I love a good money challenge. I find them a fun way to push and hold yourself accountable. We’ve used them to also keep us motivated when we were paying off our debt, saving for a vacation, or find creative date night ideas. Honestly saving money just to save money can get old. A challenge can […]

How To Watch Your Favorite Shows (without Spending a Ton of Money!)

As the Summer of Savings continues, we’re looking at your TV bill today. We’re answering a question many couples have – are there are good alternatives to cable TV? While we don’t pay to watch live shows, many couples want to catch them. The problem is that cable TV seems to be more and more expensive. Cheaper […]

5 Tips to Take Advantage of Garage Sales

Shopping at garage sales is one way to stretch your budget. What your neighbor no longer needs, may be the perfect item for you. After coming back empty-handed from too many garage sales, I learned how to make the most from these outings. Create a Shopping List Going to sales without any idea of what […]

Home DIY 101: Tools Every Couple Needs

Having the right tools can save you a ton of money with home care and repair – even if you’re a DIY newbie. Home DIY Tip #1: Right Tools for the Job My husband and I have a little collection that we’re proud of owning- our tools. As we taken on little projects around the […]

Paribus: Money Back in Your Pocket

Find out how Paribus can automatically track price drops to save you time and put money back n your pocket when shopping.  Before making big purchases, we try to find the best deals. One thing that frustrates me is after I do all of this research to get a good model and great price and a week […]

How to Avoid the Biggest Online Shopping Scams

Online shopping can be incredibly convenient. Not only do you get to avoid the lines, you may also find some incredible deals quickly rather than schelpping around town. As more of us shop more online, though, scammers are taking advantage of this trend and trying to get our financial and personal data. Online Shopping Scams to […]