How are The Joneses Doing with Their Spending?

Continuing the discussion about living on one income, I now wanted to look at average family expenses. Adam wanted to see how other couples spend their money as a reference so I found some helpful information with the Consumer Expenditure Survey for 2011 (released this past September) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What the Joneses […]

Buying a New Camera

Late this past summer we went to visit friends who live around the mountains. It was a fantastic trip – we got to relax and unwind with the most stunning scenery around us. Their front porch was perfectly located so we got the best views of the mountains as we sipped on our coffee. Being the perfect hosts, […]

Android Tablet Shopping Guide

Note: I started this post a couple of months ago and I’ve been adding to it as we’ve gone through the buying process. After the HP TouchPad had a massive price drop a few months ago there have been more and more affordable tablets coming out. Many of these are running the Android operating system. […]

How to Save on Your Smartphones

If you are like one of the countless American’s who have to deal with the monopolistic telecommunications, you’ve probably dealt with the same problem I had today. I walked into the local Verizon store and purchased a two-year contract with the iPhone 4. I have seen everyone walking around with the little black device and […]

The Return of Layaway

I’ve been surprised at how much layaway has been mentioned on television recently, especially with Kmart’s commercials. I remember that my grandmother gotten a few items on layaway to take advantage of sale prices and without using credit cards. It seemed like a great option to offer to customers. I had thought retailers had dropped layaway since it wasn’t […]

How Do Mobile Payments Work?

  A few weeks ago my hair stylist swiped the credit card on her iPhone and then handed it to me to add a discretionary tip and sign the charge with fingertip.  I entered my email address for a receipt and it was in my inbox before I made the short drive home. That experience […]

Using Mint to Spot Our Money Leaks

As we’re working harder to reach our savings goal, we decided to look at our spending over the last four months closely to see if we could find any money that we’ve unwisely used. The tool of choice of us? Mint. It’s packed full of features and it’s free. Mint allows us to quickly find our money […]