Extended Warranties for Video Game Consoles

We had a great weekend and it was nice to have a 3 day weekend. We went to Best Buy yesterday and grabbed a PlayStation 3. We’ve been planning this purchase for awhile and since we both pretty much had the day off, it seemed a good of time as any. We’re loving it and […]

How To Spend Wisely On Life’s Essentials

Have a hard time trying to save money on everyday essentials? Here are tips to become a savvier spender! You can save money on necessities if you simply know how to do it. In today’s economy more people understand the need to save money and spend wisely. It has almost become a way of life for many Australians, […]

What We Spend Money On: Eating Out

A few weeks ago I shared how we spend money on video games, now I wanted to share another expense- dining out. It think this is probably the biggest expense in our discretionary budget. While we cook at home many times, we love going out to eat with some friends (and sometimes just on a […]

How To Buy The Right Refrigerator

Learn how you can get a fantastic deal When buying a new refrigerator that fits your home and budget! Alright, it’s happening! We’re expecting to move into our townhouse in November/December. It’s a new build and we’ll have 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. That’ll be enough space for the home office and guests. Our […]