Learn how to make the most of your hard-earned money with these tax tips for couples and families!

4 Tips to Make Filing Your Taxes Easier

Want to make taxes this year go smoother? Learn four easy ways on how to set up and review your finances to have some big money wins this year! This week on the podcast we talked about getting ready and maybe just a bit excited for tax season. Naturally, most people don’t jump for joy […]

3 Smart Ways Your Tax Refund Can Boost Your Wealth

Expecting a tax refund this year? Learn how you can enjoy it now and set yourselves up to build wealth! Want to Get the Most from Your Tax Refund? You can watch this week’s video here or you can read below the highlight and grab some resources to make the most of your tax refund! […]

Big Tax Refunds: A Win or Fail?

Tax season is here and for many families that means receiving a tax refund. Did you know that last year the average tax refund was $2895? That’s a nice chunk of change that you can use to pay down debts, build up savings, or invest with some leftover to have a small splurge. But is having […]

Maximizing Your Tax Breaks

Tax season is here. How prepared are you? Today we’ll go over how to maximize your tax breaks, make filing easier and less stressful!  How to Make Taxes Less Stressful Between the paperwork you need to track, tax terms that are dry, and the eye-opening nature of going through your finances for the year, taxes […]

Tax Tips for Busy Couples

Tax season is here and with it the stress of getting your taxes done right. We’ll look at some ways you can simplify, organize, and maximize your tax deductions and credits this year and set yourselves up for big wins next! Tax Tips for Making Filing Easier Now before we jump into this episode I […]

How to Tackle Your Taxes Like a Pro and Maximize Your Refund

Today I’m answering your biggest tax questions. We’re doing a quick and easy take covering what you need to know this year when you file, how to maximize your tax refund, and set yourselves up with your finances for next year! How to Maximize Your Tax Refunds with Credit and Deductions There are some people […]

Where’s My Tax Refund? How to Check Your Status

Already files your taxes and waiting on your refund? Find out what you need to know to track your tax refund and get ideas on how to make the most out of it! We’re right in the middle of tax season and for some people that means getting a refund back.  I’ll share how you […]

How to Use Your Tax Refund to Boost Your Wealth

Now that we’re beginning to settle into the new house, it’s time to get some bookkeeping done. Besides getting our new family budget up, we also have to finish up and submit our tax return. It looks like we’re getting a little bit of a refund. As with every year, we want to make the […]