Learn how to make the most of your hard-earned money with these tax tips for couples and families!

How to Create a Plan for Your Tax Refund

Guess what I did this morning? Hint – it’s about finances 😉   I was checking the IRS’ website to see when to expect our tax refund. Good times! It looks like we should be receiving it soon. (By the way if you e-filed your tax return, please keep in mind  your refund should be sent to […]

TurboTax Online Review (and Giveaway!)

We just finished our taxes this year and once again we use TurboTax online. One thing that I love about using TurboTax online is that I can get our paperwork entered in as it comes in the mail during the short naps our baby girls seems to prefer. We can do a bi, save our […]

Tax Deductions That Would Never Fly

The IRS approves crazy tax deductions all the time, about as often as they reject ridiculous deductions, but that’s often after much scrutiny and investigation. Whether it’s depreciation for surgical implants or cat food or bariatric surgery, it’s often very difficult to predict whether or not a tax deduction will be allowed. ortunately, we can […]

Big Tax Tips List from Couple Money and TurboTax

As the deadline for filing your federal taxes for this year gets closer and closer, I’ve been sharing tax tips on Thursdays. It’s my hope that they help make getting your taxes done a much easier process. I thought it would be also very useful to collect my tax posts from here and TurboTax so […]

How We Did on Our Taxes in 2011

Happy to have knocked out a big task – we filed out taxes! It’s one of those items on our to-do list that we weren’t exactly excited about, but we’re relieved that it’s done. We used TurboTax again since it’s made filing a lot less stressful and more organized for us. Going through it section […]

Our Plans for Our Tax Refund This Year

After getting the last 1099, finding an important document, and finally getting just a bit of time to review it, we’re finished with our taxes. I’m so relieved to get that done and now I can get caught up with some other financial paperwork. Tackling Two Major Goals with the Our Tax Refund It looks […]

Getting All of My 1099s In

This afternoon I’m sitting down and getting in the 1099s that came in this past week included with our TurboTax return. My husband’s W2 came in last month along with our 1099-INTs from our banks. I entered those along with our information on interest paid on our current mortgage and our student loan. Now all […]

TurboTax Review: Home & Business (Plus Giveaway!)

Filing Our Taxes Online with TurboTax We’ve been using TurboTax to handle our family’s tax needs for the last couple of years and we’ve been very happy with them. Last year I used the online filing option and it was perfect for us. We could login to account work from where ever we were and […]