Snagging Vacation Deals with Priceline’s Bid Feature

We have a couple of family rules about travel.  Family trips are debt free. We may put the trip on a credit card (can’t stand those holds!), but we schedule a payment as soon as the reservation is made.  We save for trips. We like to transfer to our general savings accounts. This helps us […]

Can You Really Get Free Flights? Travel Hacking Essentials

I’ve heard about travel hacking from friends who travel often for work – how they were accumulating points from their favorite airlines to get some free flights. However it wasn’t until I discovered Chris Guillbeau from the Art of Non-Conformity that I saw it as a way to save significant amounts of money. He was someone who mastered the […]

How to Have a Stress Free and Debt Free Vacation

Next month we’re going to celebrate our anniversary by taking a trip. It’s our own little tradition that we like to do. Traveling together is something we enjoy and we’re excited about next month. Since we’ve been married we’ve preferred to take debt-free vacations to reduce stress, keep our budget in check, and reach our other goals. […]