Essential Money Tips for Traveling Abroad

Want to know the best way to carry money when traveling abroad? Get essential tips on how to protect yourself and money on your next trip! Sometimes we label ourselves as tourists without even knowing it. Whether it’s your face buried in a map or your trendy NorthFace backpack (akin to an American flag in […]

Don’t Get Sucked Into a Timeshare Trap

Before you get tempted to buy a timeshare with their presentation, make sure you have all the facts.  What is a Timeshare? A timeshare is a type of ownership whereby a group of people share use of a property for a specific period. There are several types of timeshares: Fixed week: Basically buyers own the rights to […]

Finding Great Deals on Hotels

Want to have a great trip without spending a ton of money? Learn how you can find great deals on hotels quickly and easily! One of the biggest hurdles people have with taking a trip or vacation when they’re in the middle of paying off their debts is the cost. You want to take a […]

Enjoying the Sights in St. Louis

We just got back from a fun week in St Louis after attending FinCon. I loved meeting up with writers from my favorite personal finance blogs and getting to meet some new ones. Like my previous work trips, my husband and baby girl tagged along for the ride.  Neither one of us had really been […]

Is it Cheaper to Fly or Drive Your Next Vacation?

Thinking of taking a trip soon? See how you can run the numbers and decide whether it’s better to drive or fly for your next vacation! Drive or Fly to Florida? Fun week for us in Florida for our family vacation as we’re swapping between having some lazy beach days and checking out Orlando’s parks. It’s […]

Travel Tips for Parents

Today was another first to add to the family books – baby girl’s first flight.  We headed over to Denver for FinCon 12 this week. When we attended FinCon last year our little one also accompanied us, but we did a road trip to Chicago. She slept most of the way up and was really easy during […]

Travel Hacks: How to Pack and Save on Baggage Fees

If you’re going on vacation in summer and you’re traveling by plane, watch out for baggage fees. According to Airfare Watch Dog, baggage fees for your first checked bag can range from $20-$35 and a second checked bag can be $35-$60. Spirit Airlines passengers also need to be aware that AirFare notes that: if you […]

Saving Up for The 2012 FinCon Conference

Registration just opened up this week for the 2012 Financial Blogger Conference and I ordered 2 tickets for the event.  Last year’s conference was fantastic – not only did I get to meet some of my online colleagues in person, but there was an incredible amount of information I gathered. This year looks to be a bigger […]